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    The Lone Star Project’s “LSPlainer” is a new source to provide Texans with hard facts that peel back Republican rhetoric during the 85th Texas Legislature and cut to the heart of how their agenda affects Texas families.


    “LSPlainer” uses the resources within our LSP research division on behalf of Texas Democrats statewide to expose the damage being done to the security and prosperity of Texans by the Trump/Abbott/Patrick Agenda.



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    Updates on the Texas Legislature to expose the damage being done by Texas Republicans during the 85th Session.

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    The Texas Republican attacks on your personal freedoms, your kids, and your financial security.

    Tax Increases

    The Texas Republican Plan to Raise Your Property Taxes

    Don't let GOP talk about low taxes and small government fool you, Texas Republicans, led by Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and Senator Jane Nelson (R- SD12 Flower Mound), are already disguising dishonest budget gimmicks as tax cuts. But, their budget tricks don’t stand up to scrutiny and will ultimately cost you money.


    The new budget pushed by Dan Patrick and Senate Republicans is a direct attack on Texas families. After reviewing the plan, observers said it will result in Texans paying even more than they already are in property taxes.

    Crowded Classrooms

    Burton's Plan to Cram More Kids into Classrooms

    If your kids are not already sitting in over-crowded classrooms, they may be very soon. Texas Republicans are planning to pull more money out of neighborhood schools and cram even more kids into classrooms.


    Senator Konni Burton (R- SD10 Colleyville) has filed a bill to remove the 22 student cap for kindergarten through 4th grade classrooms. Burton wants to replace the class size limit with a deceptive averaging formula that would allow schools to crowd as many as 35 kids into one classroom as long as some others had fewer. Burton's bill would make it even harder for Texas kids to learn and thrive.

    Private School Vouchers

    Republicans Plan to Dismantle Public Schools and Shift Tax Funds to Private Schools

    Texas schools remain underfunded following the massive $5.4 billion in cuts to public education rammed through by Texas Republicans several years ago while the broken public school finance process is in desperate need of repair.


    Now, Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick are proposing a massive public school privatization plan that would divert millions of dollars away from public schools. The Dallas Morning News wrote that the consequences of the GOP plan would be "dire" and could "decimate" Texas public schools.


    College Tuition Hikes

    Patrick and Seliger's Plan to Make College Unaffordable

    Texas families are already paying too much for college. Since Republicans gained full control of Texas government, college costs have more than doubled. More and more often, middle-income Texas families must rely on scholarship and grant opportunities to make achieving a college education a reality for their kids.


    Instead of expanding access to grants or working to lower the cost of tuition, Texas Republicans want to gut $324 million in aid from 121,000 students at Texas public universities. On average, Texas students would lose thousands of dollars per year in college educations grants.

    Job Killers

    Patrick and Kolkhorst's Bathroom Bill

    When Lt. Governor Dan Patrick chose to pursue the same intrusive big government bathroom policy that is killing jobs and economic growth in North Carolina, he radically departed from his so called "pro-jobs" agenda.


    Texas businesses are warning that the Patrick bill “could cost Texans as much as $8.5 billion in economic growth and the loss of more than 185,000 jobs in the first year alone.” Even some of Patrick’s own party leaders are pushing back and acknowledging that Patrick’s bill ”isn’t the most urgent concern” and could “slow down” job creation in Texas.

    Ignoring Texas Local Citizens and Communities

    Burton's Attack on Local Control

    Lawmakers in Austin need expert advice from local citizens and leaders on how to best serve their constituents back home, effectively spend taxpayer dollars, and work with local government to help Texans can get ahead.


    However, State Senator Konni Burton (R- SD10 Colleyville) wants to cut off communication between local citizens, their city officials, and the politicians sent to Austin to represent them. Burton’s bill would prohibit cities and counties from hiring experts and others to meet with and educate lawmakers on the issues important to local citizens. A newspaper in Burton's own district said the idea is a "a disservice to the people back home" and even the Republican Mayor of Fort Worth criticized the proposal.

    Reduce Minority Voting Strength

    Republican Efforts to Eliminate Straight Ticket Voting

    For decades, general election voters in Texas have been given the option of marking a straight party ballot, casting their vote for every candidate on the ballot nominated from the party they support. However, the demographics in Texas have changed significantly. The large increase in African American and Hispanic populations in the big urban counties like Dallas and Harris has coincided with Democratic straight party ballots exceeding Republican straight party ballots, thus allowing minority voters to elect their candidates of choice in county-wide elections.


    So now, Texas Republicans are seeking to eliminate the tradition of straight ticket voting in a clear and blatant attempt to reduce minority voting strength, and prevent minority Texans from electing their candidates of choice in county-wide elections.

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    The Lone Star Project was founded in 2005 and is now widely recognized as the most aggressive and effective Democratic political research and strategic communications organization in Texas. The Lone Star Project provides fact based political and issue analysis designed to help individuals, organizations and the press see beyond the rhetoric and misinformation typically provided by the current Republican State Leadership in Texas and Texas Republicans in Washington.


    Claims made and positions adopted by the Lone Star Project are supported with specific citations, credible sources and professional research.


    The Lone Star Project is organized as both a federal political action committee registered with the Federal Elections Commission and a General-Purpose political action committee registered with the Texas Ethics Commission. The Lone Star Fund is a non-ideological PAC and is not affiliated with the National Democratic Party or the Texas Democratic Party.


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